BioSerenity, specialized in the design and production of wearable medical device solutions, raises 15 million euros to accelerate its growth, bolster its industrial capacity and expand in new international markets.

Founded in January 2014, the company has quickly positioned itself as one of the technology leaders in smart medical clothing with solutions focused on electro-physiology. The business received the CE marking in 2016 for its first medical device called Neuronaute dedicated to neurology and in 2017 for its cardiology device, the CardioSkin. The Neuronaute is a solution designed to help the diagnosis of epileptic patients. Indeed, performing long term recordings at home enables to monitor epileptic activity and thus tackle the important problem of misdiagnosis. BioSerenity’s solutions have been used so far to diagnose over 6,000 patients across 45 hospitals. BioSerenity is now expanding in pregnancy monitoring and sleep monitoring and is partnering successfully with numerous pharmaceutical companies for the use of its solutions both during healthcare and clinical trials.

Pierre Frouin, BioSerenity’s CEO, said: “This fund raising will provide us with the necessary resources to manufacture higher volumes and open new markets. We will focus on Europe and North America in the short term and move on to the rest of the world as soon as possible”.

This Series A round is led by Innovation Capital / LBO France, BPI and Idinvest Partners.

Luc Maruenda (Partner, Idinvest Partners), commented: “BioSerenity’s execution in the last two years has been impressive. BioSerenity benefits from of a strong team of over 70 talents, great academics, recognised industrial partners and an ambitious management team that has proven to be very capable and focused. We are delighted to reinvest in the company and welcome the new financial investors”.